Seafood Tofu Recipe | 海鮮豆腐 食譜 | 教你怎麼做海鮮豆腐 超簡單!@TravelFoodTech

The signature seafood tofu at the original seafood restaurant stall can now be made by yourself! Quickly learn to make it for your family and it's super easy!

原來大排檔的招牌海鮮豆腐,現在自己也可以動手做出來!趕緊學起來做給家人吃 超簡單!

Seafood Tofu Recipe 海鮮豆腐 食譜

♦️Recipe 食譜 (Ingredients 材料 1) - Japanese Tofu 日本豆腐 3 pcs - Carrot dices 蘿蔔切小粒 1/2 pcs - Spring onion 青蔥 1 stalk - Eggs 雞蛋 2 pcs - Sugar 糖 1 tsp - Salt 鹽 1 tsp - Fish paste 魚膠 150g - Pinch of Chicken stock 雞精粉少許 - Pinch of Pepper powder 胡椒粉少許 - Corn starch 玉米粉 3 tbsp

(Ingredients 材料 2) - Corn starch 玉米粉 - Cooking oil 食油

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